Heating of pipelines and other technologies

Heating of pipelines and other technologies with heating cables is a modern and efficient way of protecting a medium from freezing or maintaining a certain operational temperature. We rarely encounter a requirement to raise the temperature of a medium.

Why to use heating

The thermal insulation around pipelines does not entirely stop the heat outflow from the medium in the pipeline, it just slows it down. So the pipeline will not freeze immediately, but only after a certain time. The essence of the function of heating cables in the heating of pipelines and technologies is in most cases to eliminate heat losses, that occur in the thermal insulations of the object in question. more

Calculation of pipeline heat losses

To maintain the temperature of the medium inside the pipeline, we have to supply the same amount of heat, that is leaking. more

Calculation of heat losses in tanks, reservoirs and other technological devices

Similar rules as for pipelines apply for the calculation of heat losses in other technological devices. more

Determining the right heating cable type

When using FLEXELEC heating cables, it is good to work with their product catalogue. more

Installation of heating cables

It is good to respect the installation instructions, because most of the problems which arise in practice, are the outcome of faulty installations more

Pipeline heating regulation

For the regulation of heating cables we recommend the use of EBERLE thermostats and regulators. For industrial application, particularly in environments with explosion risks, we propose JUMO and ZPA Ekoreg thermostats. more

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