Application in cold storage industry

Heating cables find many application possibilities in the field of cooling and freezing mechanisms and heat pumps. The production assortment of the FLEXELEC company focuses a lot of attention to these applications, with regard to the very tough operation conditions and strict requirements for quality, minimal energy demands and the durability of the device. 

Heat pumps

The modern trends in the field of object heating favour ecological heat sources, also including pumps. Very often it is necessary to install an exchanger to the heat pump with a compressor for outdoor environment. In winter conditions it is then needful because of technological reasons to ensure a rise of temperature in the compressor crankcase (with an FCH heating strip) and heating of the tub and drainpipes under the evaporator. more

Cooling chambers

Considering the constant temperatures below freezing point in the cooling box, it is necessary to use heating cables for various applications: protection of the box subsoil, heating the doorframes, heating of drainpipes and other. more

Cooling and freezing counters and showcases

Condensation of humidity on cold glass surfaces and freezing of drainpipes are common problems with this equipment. more

Service works in cold storage industry - trade

A regular service of the cooling aggregates will reveal malfunctions soon enough and can significantly increase the lifespan of all components. more

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