FLEXELEC heating cables

The heating technology section of our company has been specializing in heating cables ever since 1996. We are the exclusive representatives of FLEXELEC from the OMERIN group for the Czech and Slovak Republics. We provide complex services in the field of heating cables. 

FLEXELEC produces a wide assortment of heating cables and flexible heating elements, which find use in different fields. These websites bring you a catalog of these components as well as a cross-section of possible applications. Heating cables are applied in:

  • construction - floor heaters, heating of exterior surfaces, eaves heating, pipeline heating
  • industries - heating of pipelines and other technology
  • a significant portion of the assortment is designated for cold storage industry - heating the drainage of units, compressor, pipeline and showcase protection, subsoil of coolind chambers, aso.
  • special heating elements are able to ensure high-temperature, areal and other heatings, in industry most of all. Households aren´t far behind either. Heating cables are used for example for the heating of aquariums and vivariums.

Flexible heating elements are used mostly for these reasons:

  • The ability to adjust to most of the various shapes of the heated objects, and thus also a maximal thermal efficiency.
  • A simple installation enabling fast performance of the required work even in difficultly accessible places.
  • An excellent performance/price ratio makes flexible heating elements the most ecnomical solution for heating.

REVOS supplies FLEXELEC elements and provides all the services connected to their use. We supplement the assortment with EBERLE thermostats and controllers used for the controlling of heating cables. The REVOS company itself manufactures a portion of the accessories, so that the offer for technical solutions is complete. Apart from direct sales of the material, we also ensure counseling activities, processing of offers and projects, including the thermal calculation, professional installation and service. 

Application of heating cables

We bring you a summary of the most frequent use of heating cables in industry as well as the civil sphere. Apart from these applications, there are many more positions, where heating cables and flexible heating components can be effectively used. You can find some tips on this topic in the online catalogue, or you can contact us directly. more

Heating cable regulation

For optimal operation, the heating cables need to be switched and regulated by appropriate regulation technology. REVOS  complements the existing heating cable products with thernostats and regulators EBERLE. For industrial applications, especially for areas with explosiqon danger, we use thermostats and regulators JUMO and ZPA EKOREG. more

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