FLEXDRUM barrel heaters®

The FLEXELEC group produces a complete assortment of barrel heaters, which serve for temperature maintenance or the heating of mediums in plastic or metal barrels of various capacities.

TCF – TCF/TV – barrel heaters

The TCF and TCF/TV heaters are designated for heating the barrel contents with capacities 30, 60, 120 and 200 litres from the outside. They are recommended for achieving relatively low temperatures or maintaining medium temperatures. more

CF/B – CF/BP – CF/BC – CF/BCH – heating bases for barrels

Heating bases for barrels are designed for heating the contents of 200 litre plastic or metal barrel from underneath. They are recommended for achieving relatively low temperatures with a rather short heating time, or for maintaining medium temperatures. more

CF/JL – heating cases for barrel

The CF/JL heating cases for barrels are ideal for the heating of materials, such as bitumen, asphalt, vaseline, colours, varnishes or waxes. It consists of two parts fitted with traversing wheels for the simple placement around a barrel. If quick heating is required, the CF/B heating base can be added underneath the barrel.   more

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