Application of heating cables

We bring you a summary of the most frequent use of heating cables in industry as well as the civil sphere. Apart from these applications, there are many more positions, where heating cables and flexible heating components can be effectively used. You can find some tips on this topic in the online catalogue, or you can contact us directly.

Heating of pipelines and other technologies

Heating of pipelines and other technologies with heating cables is a modern and efficient way of protecting a medium from freezing or maintaining a certain operational temperature. We rarely encounter a requirement to raise the temperature of a medium. more

Floor heating

An elegant way of heating a house or appartment, and at the same time not being limited by radiators and heat distribution systems. There are three methods of installation. more

Heating of outdoor surfaces

Eliminate the danger of hoarfrost origin and snow accumulation and thus prevent health and material losses!

The installation of electrical cable heating is a reliable and long-lasting solution in the struggle with hoarfrost and removing snow from sidewalks, staircases, tarraces, access roads, parking lots and al the other outdoor surfaces. We offer you an elaborate and tested system for the protection of outdoor surfaces from ice and snow, which is based on a wide assortment of FLEXELEC heating elements.  more

Gutter heating

Almost every winter convinces us, that snow and black ice should not be underestimated. Climatic divergences bring large amounts of snow even into the lower locations. Many roofs and especially their gutters cannot deal with the snow and its freezing. more

Application in cold storage industry

Heating cables find many application possibilities in the field of cooling and freezing mechanisms and heat pumps. The production assortment of the FLEXELEC company focuses a lot of attention to these applications, with regard to the very tough operation conditions and strict requirements for quality, minimal energy demands and the durability of the device.  more

Hot water (HW) temperature maintenance

Do you get cold water after you turn the hot water tap? Heating, or else the maintenance of the temperature of  warm utility water at the place of usage, can be provided by installing an auto-regulating heating cable directly onto the HW pipeline. This solution brings several advantages compared to others, such as the commonly used backward circulation HW pipeline with a pump. 

A pipeline with a circulation pump   Heating with a heating cable

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