Hot water (HW) temperature maintenance

Do you get cold water after you turn the hot water tap? Heating, or else the maintenance of the temperature of  warm utility water at the place of usage, can be provided by installing an auto-regulating heating cable directly onto the HW pipeline. This solution brings several advantages compared to others, such as the commonly used backward circulation HW pipeline with a pump. 

A pipeline with a circulation pump   Heating with a heating cable

Advantages of HW temperature maintenance

The main advantages of HW temperature maintenance using a heating pipeline compared to a circulation pipeline more

Fields of application

  • In family houses, a cable with an output of 15 W/m is sufficient for an ideal preservation of the water 
  • In constructions with central heating of utility water, such as residential houses, offices, hotels, hospitals, retirement facilities - a heating cable with a 30 W/m output is recommended 

Used components

For HW temperature maitenance, a special auto-regulating heating cable has been developed.  more

Installation of heating cables

The installation of heating cables onto pipelines is described in detail in the application Heating of pipelines and other technologies. 

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