Company profile and history

REVOS was founded in the year 1993 with the objective of offering customers services in the field of maintenance of transformers, tap changers and other transformer accessories on the Czech and Slovak markets.

The first activity of the company was recorded at the beginning of 1994 when it realized its first commissions, and subsequently chose and built a group of employees with necessary qualification and education. By the end of 1994, the group recorded a turnover of 4mil. and employed 7 THP and 5 DP.

The job of our members was not only to realize certain commissions, but also to search for new directions for the company.

With the upcoming year the company expanded its business activities into the area of heating cables and since 1996 it has become the exclusive representative of FLEXELEC, which specializes in the production of heating cables and flexible heating elements.

FLEXELEC is now a part of the OMERIN group, a producer of a wide assortment of special cables and related products.

At the same time, REVOS built on the experience of new co-workers and began to develop activities in the field of control systems and I&C for heat production, building control etc..

In 1996 our company already included 18 employees, their quality being one of the greatest strenghts right from the beginnings of the company, that enabled us to contend with the competition. Some employees have life-long experience in the area of transformer and tap changer revisions. Clearly, we can offer our customers high-quality services, based on the expertise and long-standing experience of our employees.

Since 2004 REVOS  was qcomprised of 2 departments: i) the Department of Services for Engineering and ii) the Department of Heating Technology.

REVOS is an engineering and installation company which specializes in fieldwork and offers customers its services at their worksite. For this purpose, the company is equipped with corresponding means of transportation, installation and technical vehicles as well as professional gear, which enables our employees to be as flexible as possible in the prompt fulfilment of our customers' requirements. At the same time, the lay up period and the client´s expenses related to the manipulation and transport of mechanisms are reduced.

In more than 17 years of the company´s activity on the market, REVOS has built an excellent name for itself, not only in the eyes of it´s customers, but also in the eyes of enterprises cooperating on some of the bigger commissions.

The company´s expanding sphere of activity is in a direct relation to the growing number of employees, which is currently more than 25 stable workers, not to mention the cooperation with a substantial external work force.

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Recent news

New telephone numbers

In the context of innovating the ICT we made the transition to IP telephony. This is associated with the changes in our brno land lines. The main number is (+420) 537 020 911. Please refer directly to our specialists, who handle the individual sections of our activities. You may find their contacts in the Contacts section or at the individual applications on this site.