The environment

In our company we realise that our activities may influence our surroundings and the environment, which we are a part of. Therefore, we emphasize on the protection of our environment and try to fulfil these efforts with every one of our employees. For this reason we have introduced into the company a system of environmental management and have been certified according to the ČSN EN ISO 14001 regulation. The last time we passed the renewed certification process was in the first half of 2010, thereby proving our compliance with the requirements of this regulation. We have therefore issued an IMS policy of our company.

Integrated management system policy of REVOS ltd.

We are aware, that a consistent high quality can be maintained only with such an integrated management system policy, which affects all of our company´s activities, all of the working teams and their employees. Every individual must contribute with his share to achieving the goals of the integrated management system. That is the reason why it is the job of every employee, from workers to executive managers, to perform an impeccable job. All employees must feel that they are mutually commissioners and suppliers. Satisfying the needs of our commissioners and anticipating our customers´s expectations is a permanent part of our daily work and a demonstration of the quality principles of our company.

To ensure the creation of a quality administration system, environmental system and a SHPDW system, their preservation, progress and constant improvement, REVOS ltd., Brno has issued the following policy:

  • the main focus of the company is to achieve, that it become a sought-for business partner and supplier in the field of installation, repairs, inspections and testing of reserved electrical mechanisms and the production, installation and repair of electrical machines and devices, that can create a sense of certitude not only for it´s customers, but also the company´s employees,
  • the company´s management is fully associated with the requirements of regulations ČSN EN ISO class 9000, ČSN EN ISO class 14000 and OHSAS specification class 18000, being the principles of effective introduction and constant inprovement of the regulation of processes affecting the product´s quality, the environment and the safety and health protection during company work,
  • the company´s management is permanently forming the necessary organisational, personnel and financial resources for the introduction, development and improvement of the quality administration system, environmental system and the SHPDW system,
  • it is a long-term goal to continuously improve our activities and guarantee the quality of company services,
  • to develop a permanent active cooperation during the explanation of mutual demands and their fulfilment,
  • the company´s management will perform regular reviews of the integrated manegement system, determine the quality objectives, targets and target values in the area of the environment and objectives in the area of the SHPDW system for the preservation and constant improvement of the integrated management system,
  • the company will create the corresponding conditions for the education of employees in the sphere of it´s activities,
  • the company will meet the requirements of legal prescripts and other requirements effective in the area of the environment and the safety and health protection during work with accent on the preventive approach to this problem,
  • by tightening the control of material input as well as actual technological procedures prevent the waste of resources and energy,
  • all employees will contribute on discovering dangers, risk control and assesment in the company,
  • by the consistent respecting of safety prescripts, employees will minimize the origins of work injuries and work-related illnesses.

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New telephone numbers

In the context of innovating the ICT we made the transition to IP telephony. This is associated with the changes in our brno land lines. The main number is (+420) 537 020 911. Please refer directly to our specialists, who handle the individual sections of our activities. You may find their contacts in the Contacts section or at the individual applications on this site.