We also specialize in regulation systems, instrumentation and control in the area of heating technology, intelligent buildings and central supplies of heat.

Since 1996, the Revos company has been in the business of designing management systems for instrumentation and control in the area of heat technology, building control, central heat distribution in urban areas, boiler room control technology, relay stations, HVAC units etc. We have also been active in the area of alternative energy source controlling, such as heat pumps, biomass combustion sources, solar collectors, ground collectors etc. 

We can capitalize on many years of experience of our employees, who entered the business in the nineties. We are experienced in dealing with building control and heat source control (BMS), however these specialized control systems and their reliability is not always at required levels. Some systems are too specialized for specific tasks or environments and cannot be applied where customers require a wide range of functions. Their output and reliability are at their very limit of what is needed in modern building control. We have begun to deploy industrial control systems in these areas. Industrial systems provide technology and choices previously unavailable for BMS. They are highly programmable, offer diverse modes of communication and control interfaces. Reliability and computational power is much better.

We have identified Bernecker & Rainer as an appropriate technology supplier. The founders of the company, Erwin Bernecker and Josef Rainer have shown a lot of invention and strong ambitions, resulting in extraordinary products for industrial automation. Their talent for the trade and a clear vision of the future enabled B&R  to become a strong international company in the short period of 25 years.  B&R became the leader in technological innovation thanks to favorable market conditions, sensitivity to current trends and a strong desire to provide their clients with the best avaulable high-tech solutions.  B&R continues to grow and strengthen its position on the international markets.

I&C for CPH

As early as the beginning of the 90s, our workers have participated in the construction of control systems of centrally-provided heat (CPH) in many cities in the Czech Republic. more

I&C for buildings and grounds

Building management system (BMS) has gone through radical changes lately. These changes are a result of requirements for low operating costs, especially in terms of energy consumption, as well as the gradual introduction of sofisticated information and communication technologies to everyday life. more

I&C for alternative energy sources

The need to protect the environment forces us to seek economical sources of energy. In building control this results in increased requirements for effective utilization of alternative energy sources. more

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