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Building management system (BMS) has gone through radical changes lately. These changes are a result of requirements for low operating costs, especially in terms of energy consumption, as well as the gradual introduction of sofisticated information and communication technologies to everyday life.

The installation of computer networks and their connection to the Internet in all modern buildings allows to connect the building management system to these communication systems. To achieve mutual cooperation of individual technological devices, it is not necessary to build separate communication networks, they can simply be connected to the building infrastructure. Data from the control system can thus be available in any location, be it in the building or outside the building, anywhere in the world.

This requires the usage and construction of open systems able to communicate with other systems. The BR automation system  tools are open to cooperation. In most of the cases they use the Ethernet communication protocol, they are freely programmable with intuitive and easy operation. Deployment of the control system in many buildings and areas proved its technological advantage.


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