Regulation for the heating of gutters and outdoor surfaces

Outdoor surface and roof drain heating should be initiated not only based on the outside temperature, but also on the temperature of the heated surface, humidity on the surface or in gutters. This will ensure, that the heating will only start, when necessary. The device providing this regulation is called the ice and snow detector.

EM 524 89, EM 524 90 – Snow and ice detectors

The EM 524 89 snow and ice detector serves for switching-on heating cables heating outdoor surfaces (ramps, sidewalks, staircases, heliports, etc.) or rof drains (gutters, drains, conduits, roof parts). The EM 524 90 double detector is now also available. This regulator controls two indpendent circuits, thus fulfilling the function of two EM 524 89 regulators. It can be used for example to regulate two gutters on opposite sides (north and south) or gutters and an access road. more

DTR-E 3102 – bimetallic double spatial thermostat

The DTR E-3102 thermostat contains two serially connected adjustable bimetallic thermostats, which serve to set the temperature range, in which heating should operate. The double thermostat is placed in a box with IP 65 housing suitable for outdoor use. It serves to switch on simple gutter or outdoor surface heating systems. more

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