FLEXTRACE long heating cables and belts®

Long serial heating cables and belts were designed for the heating of long segments supplied from one spot. They are designated primarily for the heating of rails and railways, but can also be used for heating long pipelines, e.g. in tunnels and mines.

Increased expenses are always connected to setting up supply points for long heating routes. Therefore long heating cables and belts bring along financial savings. 

They are produced single-, double- or triple-core. Heating cables and belts are powered in single-phase, between two phases or three-phase. They consist of serial resistance conductors, flurinepolymer and silicone insulation and are further equipped with a stainless steel braiding for mechanical and electrical protection. 

These heating cables are manufactured based on the customer´s assignment in the required length, output and supply voltage.

C1FS/I – C2FS/I – R3FS/I – long heating cables and belts


A single-core heating cable, especially designed for heating concrete tracks for VAL subways (automatic without an engineer). Can be placed into a copper pipe.


A double-core heating cable, especially designed for heating metal tracks and rails for VAL subways. Can be inserted into composite U forms and attached to the rails by stainless steel clamps.


A triple-core heating cable used for heating very long segments, where a three-phase supply is available, e.g. in tunnels and mines.

Max. output 40 W/m 60 W/m 80 W/m
Max. supply voltage 750 V
Heating element Cu-Ni or Ni-Cr resistance string
Supply insulation fluorinepolymer
Cable insulation silicone rubber
Min and max. permitted surface temperature -70°C až 200°C



Documents for download
catalogue sheet
C1FS - C2FS - R3FS

CE agreement declaration
C1FS - C2FS - R3FS

Connecting and terminating kits for long heating cables are put together on request and contain pressing clamps and contracting tubes.
You will find more accessories for the installation of heating cables in the FLEXKIT section.

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