Heating of outdoor surfaces

Eliminate the danger of hoarfrost origin and snow accumulation and thus prevent health and material losses!

The installation of electrical cable heating is a reliable and long-lasting solution in the struggle with hoarfrost and removing snow from sidewalks, staircases, tarraces, access roads, parking lots and al the other outdoor surfaces. We offer you an elaborate and tested system for the protection of outdoor surfaces from ice and snow, which is based on a wide assortment of FLEXELEC heating elements. 

The operation principle is to prevent the formation of black ice and snow accumulation on the heated surface. When used correctly, the heating will activate already with the first falling snowflakes/raindrops - thus it is a preventive measure.


  • time savings
  • elimination of the physical strain linked to the maintenance of the surface
  • financial savings (damage compensation, expenses on snow removal aso.)
  • full automation - the system operates even in the time of your absence
  • considerate of the environment (no use of spreading materials)
  • the spreading material also significantly damages surfaces
  • reliability

Necessary power

The necessary power for surface heating is dependant primarily on its composition, method of cooling, the used regulation and its use. The areal density of the installed power ranges from 250 W/m2 up to 400 W/m2.  more

Used elements

Products of the FLEXFLOOR series are the foundation of the heating system. They are serial resistance heating cables. more

Installation methods

A heating system using electrical heating cable can be installed into any kind of surface. A surface treated this way will stay without black ice throughout the winter and is safe for the movement of people and vehicles. more


The biggest energy savings and proper function can only be achieved by using a fully automated regulation. It will ensure the optimal switching and operate the heating cables only when it is necessary.  more

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