FLEXMAT heating fabrics®

The FLEXMAT® heating fabrics are used for areal heating of various equipment. If a higher output or high operation temperatures are required, the silicone heating fabrics are used. Alluminium heating foils are used at lower outputs and temperatures mostly as an anti-freeze measure. Their main use lies in the serial production in cold storage industry.

T – TA – TV – silicone heating fabrics

The heating element is formed by a Ni-Cr or Cu-Ni resestance wire wound up on a glass cord. This heating element is placed between two silicone-impregnated fabrics. The result is a sturdy and flexible fabric. more

A – aluminium heating foils

A heating element consisting of a heating cable with silicone or PVC insulation. This cable is placed between two aluminium foils. The aluminium heating foils is produced on commission. Dimensions and other parametres of the fabric are planned according to the specific order requests. One side of the foil can be self-sealing. more

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