A – aluminium heating foils

A heating element consisting of a heating cable with silicone or PVC insulation. This cable is placed between two aluminium foils. The aluminium heating foils is produced on commission. Dimensions and other parametres of the fabric are planned according to the specific order requests. One side of the foil can be self-sealing.

Other selectable options:

  • insulation class II
  • temperature regulation
  • openings in the foil
  • grounding of the aluminium foil 

Flexmat - hliníkové topné fólie detail Flexmat - hliníkové topné fólie



  • anti-freeze protection and maintaining operation temperatures in tanks
  • anti-freeze protection of heat exchangers
  • maintaining temperatures of heated counters in canteens
  • anti-freeze protection of measuring cabinets
  • heating of hermetic compressors
  • anti-condensation heating of mirrors
  • anti-condensation heating of cooling cabinets
  • domestic appliances, health care, etc.
  aluminium heating foil
Output up to 2,5 kW/m2
Supply voltage any
Dimensions and shape on request
Standard widths 50, 100, 150, 200, 400 mm
Heating element Cu-Ni or Ni-Cr resistance wire
Heating element insulation 105°C PVC or silicone rubber
Min. and max. permitted surface temperature -60 to +110°C
Max. operation temperature 80°C

Pipeline heating


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