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FLEXCORD heating cords

Heating cords FLEXCORD®

A serial resistance heating cable represents the oldest type of heating cable. They have been used in floors for decades. Earlier they were also used to heat tubings and technology. Recently, they have been replaced by parallel heating cables (self-regulating with constant power output).   more

FLEXUNIT prepared heating cables

FLEXUNIT prepared heating cables®

One of the products manufactured from heating cords are the terminated single-core heating cables. The cold feed can be attached to the heating section in several ways. more

FLEXDRAIN heating cables for drains

FLEXDRAIN heating cables for drains®

Another product manufactured from heating cords are the heating cables for drains used in cold storage industry, air-conditioning and heat pumps. more

FLEXTAPE heating belts

FLEXTAPE heating belts®

Heating belts of the RP, RS and RV series are belts with PVC, silicone or glass insulation. Yet again, heating cords with the proper insulation are the foundation. They are manufactured as done pieces terminated and with cold feeds. They are useful mostly in repeated production, where the factory termination of a larger amount of pieces is an advantage. A heating belt has a flat cross-section, so the heat transfer proceeds more conveniently than on a larger heat-transfering area. The cold feed is on one side. more

STOPGEL – ANTIFREEZE heating cables ready for use

STOPGEL® – ANTIFREEZE® heating cables ready for use

The STOPGEL - ANTIFREEZE heating cable are especially designed for the anti-freeze protection of metal pipes. Thanks to their simple installation they are suitable for use in households, cottages, chalets for securing metal pipes endangered by freezing. more

FLEXTRACE auto-regulating heating cables

FLEXTRACE auto-regulating heating cables®

After the market launch of auto-regulating heating cables (aka. auto-regulating heating belts) in 1971, they soon became the most used heating cables for pipeline heating all over the world. more

FLEXTRACE heating cables with a constant output

FLEXTRACE heating cables with a constant output®

If the heating cable is to be installed onto a pipe for temperature maintenance, it is usually necessary for it to have set output for a length unit. When using serial resistance heating cables, it is necessary to have different ohmic values of the cables for different pipe lengths. If not, the cable installation planning is complicated, it requires a larger number of various ohmic levels and the cable length adjustments at the construction are limited. Using a cable with the same characteristic [W/m] at any length would be very helpful. more

FLEXTRACE long heating cables and belts

FLEXTRACE long heating cables and belts®

Long serial heating cables and belts were designed for the heating of long segments supplied from one spot. They are designated primarily for the heating of rails and railways, but can also be used for heating long pipelines, e.g. in tunnels and mines. more

FLEXFLOOR serial resistance heating cables

FLEXFLOOR serial resistance heating cables®

Serial resistance heating cables are the oldest type of heating cable. They are being used for floor heating for several decades now. Previously, they were also used for heating pipelines and technologies, where nowadays, they are mostly substituted by parallel heating cables (auto-regulating and with a constant output).  more

FLEXBELT heating belts for cold storage compressors

FLEXBELT heating belts for cold storage compressors®

The application possibilities for heating cables and flexible heating components are extensive. The FLEXELEC group produces a wide range of heating elements for cold storage industry. more

FLEXMAT heating fabrics

FLEXMAT heating fabrics®

The FLEXMAT® heating fabrics are used for areal heating of various equipment. If a higher output or high operation temperatures are required, the silicone heating fabrics are used. Alluminium heating foils are used at lower outputs and temperatures mostly as an anti-freeze measure. Their main use lies in the serial production in cold storage industry. more

FLEXPLATE heating boards

FLEXPLATE heating boards®

The FLEXPLATE® heating boards are designated especially for the anti-freeze protection of railway switches. more

FLEXDRUM barrel heaters

FLEXDRUM barrel heaters®

The FLEXELEC group produces a complete assortment of barrel heaters, which serve for temperature maintenance or the heating of mediums in plastic or metal barrels of various capacities. more

Accessories - FLEXKIT

Accessories - FLEXKIT®

To ensure a flawless functioning of heating systems with heating cables it is necessary to use the corresponding installation accessories  more

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