T – TA – TV – silicone heating fabrics

The heating element is formed by a Ni-Cr or Cu-Ni resestance wire wound up on a glass cord. This heating element is placed between two silicone-impregnated fabrics. The result is a sturdy and flexible fabric.

Heating fabrics are produced on commission. Dimensions and other parametres of the fabric are planned according to the specific order requests. 


  • long-term resistance to temperatures up to 200°C

  • quick and simple installation

  • various hangers, hooks and buckles can be built into the heating fabric

  • one side can be self-sealing

  • it can be equipped with a thermostat, temperature limiter or other regulating elements

  • T: a fabric with double silicone insulation

  • TA: one self-sealing side
  • TV

    vulcanized to sheet metal during production



  • anti-freeze protection and maintenance of operation temperatures in tanks

  • heating of pressing forms

  • anti-freeze protection of antennae systems

  • anti-freeze protection of measuring cabinets

  • heating of freon bottles
  • barrel heating
  T - TA - TV
Output up to 5 kW/m2
Supply voltage any
Maximal length 3 m
Maximal width 1 m
Fabric thickness 3 mm, stronger in the connection point
Heating element Cu-Ni or Ni-Cr resistance wire
Insulation silicone rubber
Min. and max. permitted surface temperature -60 to +200°C
Max. operation temperature 160°C



Documents for download
T - TA - TV catalogue sheet
CE agreement declaration T - TA - TV

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