CF/B – CF/BP – CF/BC – CF/BCH – heating bases for barrels

Heating bases for barrels are designed for heating the contents of 200 litre plastic or metal barrel from underneath. They are recommended for achieving relatively low temperatures with a rather short heating time, or for maintaining medium temperatures.


  • a massive octagonal foundation
  • an even surface temperature
  • the foundation surface has a special paint ensuring a good heat transfer 

The heating base is produced in these modifications:

CF/B: heating base without a thermostat
CF/BP: heating base with a low output without a thermostat, for plastic barrels
CF/BC: heating base with a thermostat
CF/BCH: heating base with a high output and a thermostat



  • maintaining the temperature of a barrel for preserving the viscosity and other parametres of the contained product at the ambient temperature
  • light heating, where it isn´t decisive when the desired temperature is reached
  • anti-freeze protection
  • for a faster obtaining of the desired temperature, heating can be combined with one or more TCF/TV barrel heaters with a silicone insulation
Output 1000 W 1000 W 1840 W 300 W
Supply voltage 230 V, event. 110 V
Dimensions 550 mm diameter - height 80 mm
Supply length 2 m
Heating element heating element with a mineral insulation and Incolloy jacket silicone heating fabric
Thermal insulation 50 mm mineral wool
Max. barrel content temperature +130°C +50°C
Range of the temperature regulation +20°C to +220°C



Documents for download
CF/B catalogue sheet
CE agreement declaration CF/B

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