RSV – anti-condensation heaters for electromotors

Electromotors become hot during operation and then cool down after being turned off. If the environment is humid, this humidity will condensate in the motor. A short-circuit can then occur after turning it on again. To avoid the condensation it is necessary to keep the motor temperature a few degrees above the ambient temperature.

RSV – anti-condensation heaters for electromotors

Especially designed for the electric motor producers, the RSV series of heating belts prevents the humidity condensation in electric motors.

The factory version and fiberglass protection enable the belts to be varnished or impregnated with the stator. Ensuring a solid heat contact with the winding and a maximal heat transfer, makes the RSV belt not only convenient but also higly efficient in supressing humidity condensation. Usually, the RSV heaters turn on when the machine is switched off.  

  •  very flexible
  • maximal heat transfer
  • entirely resistant to moisture
  • a wide assortment of lengths and outputs
  • approved for use in motors working in environments with an explosion risk
  • ATEX certificate: Sira 02ATEX3410U
Supply voltage 230 V, other on request
Output tolerance ± 10 %
Dimensions 3 x 11 mm
Cold feed length 0,5 m, other on request
Winding support glass cord
Heating element Cu-Ni or Ni-Cr resistance wire
Heating elementu insulation silicone rubber
Outer insulation fiberglass
Max. surface temperature 200 °C
Min. surface temperature -70 °C
Standard types:
Length [m] 0.30 0.43 0.68 0.79 1.01 1.06 1.47 1.70 1.70 1.85
Output [W] 25 25 40 26 42 50 65 75 100 100



Documents for download

RSV catalogue sheet
CE agreement declaration RSV
ATEX certificate RSV
IECEx certificate RSV

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