CSC2 – heating cables for drainpipes

The CSC2 heater consists of a heating cable with a cold feed fully integrated with the heating section on one side. The beginning of the cold feed is marked by a sign on the cable. The blind end is insulated by a vulcanize silicone mould. The cable is equipped with a double silicone insulation, which makes it resistant to temperatures from -70°C up to 200°C. 

CSC2 – heating cables for drainpipes


Output 40 or 50 W/m
Outpt tolerance ±10 %
Supply voltage 230 V
Diameter 5,0 x 7,0 mm
Diameter tolerance +0,2/-0,1 mm
Cold feed length 1 m
Heating element Cu-Ni or Ni-Cr resistance wire
Heating element insulation silicone rubber
Blind end insulation waterproof silicone mould
Max. permitted surface temperature 200 °C
Min. permitted surface temperature -70 °C



CSC2 standard heaters 230 V:
Length of heating section [m] 40 W/m 50 W/m
1 40 W 50 W
1.3 52 W 60 W
1.5 60 W 75 W
2 80 W 100 W
3 120 W 150 W
4 160 W 200 W
5 200 W 250 W
6 240 W 300 W

Note: Heaters with a 50W/m output are most frequently used. A 40W/m output is recommended for plastic pipes.



Documents for download 
CSC2 catalogue sheet
CE agreement declaration CSC2

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