Used elements

Products from the FLEXFLOOR series are the foundation of electrical floor heating. They are serial resistance heating cables. ECOFLOOR heating mattings and ECOFILM heating foils can be used as well.

KYCY - serial heating cable

A fixed length of the resistance loop and the need to power the cable from both ends are characteristic qualities of this cable. It is used for floor heating, heating of outdoor surfaces (ramps, stairs, sidewalks, communications), heating of cooling chamber subsoils. It is supplied in length, however REVOS can provide prepared heating loops with cold feeds of 3m on both sides. This procedure enables the supply of loops of any length, capacity and powering voltage. The set voltage is limited only by the maximum value of 25 W/m. Powering voltage is set at 230V or 400V, even higher after an eventual agreement. 

It is mostly installed into concrete and anhydrite, usually as semi-accumulation (or even accumulation) floor heating.

KYCYR - serial heating cable with a regressive copper conductor

The regressive conductor enables the creation of a blind end on one side and to power the heating cable only from the other side by connecting the heating element and the regressive conductor. It is supplied in various lengths and is ended in production. It is primarily used for floor heating in residential and industrial floors. The powering voltage is 230V, the cold feed 2.5m.

It is mostly installed into concrete and anhydrite, usually as semi-accumulation (or even accumulation) floor heating.

ECOFLOOR LDTS - pasted heating matting 

A Double-core cable with increased protection for humid spaces. Width of the matting is 0.5m. Two capacity series are produced: 100 W/m2 and 160 W/m2. Powering voltage of 230V and the cold feed is 3m.

It is mostly used in reconstructions, where it doesn´t interfere with the subsoil concrete. It exceeds the the rest by its small thickness and is most frequently installed under the flooring into flexible adhesives.

ECOFILM F - electrical heating foil

The heating element is placed between two plastic foils. 600 or 1000mm wide strips are constructed as a parallel heating element and can be shortened to a desired length. It is either supplied in length or in specific lengths with a planar capacity of 40, 60 or 80 W/m2. Powering voltage is 230V.

It is best ot install the electrical heating foil directly under the laminate and wooden floating floors into a dry surrounding. It is a dry method installation. 

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