A great advantage of electric floor heating is its simple regulation. It enables an individual regulation of each heating circuit - usually a room. The regulation is thus an important element of a floor heating system, which provides the regulation of the ideal space temperature and also monitors the maximal allowed temperature in the floor. By doing so, it contributes to the energy savings of the floor heating.  

In general, we can use 2 methods of temperature regulation in individual rooms, which are: central regulation and independent regulation of each room

Central regulation

The Czech brand BMR with type marker BMR-RT represents central regulation in our assortment. It is an individual regulation of each room (IRC) arranged by a central control system.

The RT system is formed by a central regulating and switching unit (independent switchgear), to which all the analogue temperature sensors and all heaters are radially installed. Digital sensors with space temperature display and settings possibilities may also be used in the system. These are connected to the tri-conductor concentrator. 

Spatial sensors can be supplied in various designs and colours of the ABB, Unice ao. assembly series. They can be combined in multiple frames for example with switches. The regulation can be adjusted directly on the control unit in the switchgear, or more comfortably after connection to a PC through USB, or by remote control using a GSM module. This system works with an HDO signal, so it cuts off the heating at a very high charge.


Independent regulation

Independent regulators can be separated into digital ones with time programming and electronic onesmostly without time programming. For this section of regulation we have chosen the German brnad EBERLE, which presents a wide scale of regulators. The most frequently used are the FIT 3U digital thermostat and the electronic thermostats of the FRe series.


A digital thermostat with the selection of a weekly programme, holiday and illness functions, ideal startup and others. Its control is perfectly simple and the display has a blue backlight. The thermostat can operate in three regimes, which are room, floor and limiter, so it is an absolutely universal element of room regulation. This thermostat is supplied in a set with a floor sensor.

FRe 525 23

It is a simple electronic thermostat, which regulates only the floor temperature according to the floor sensor. The required floor temperature is set by a rotary switch. The whole thermostat can be switched on and off by an ON/OFF button. With this thermostat it is also possible to control the heat fallof by a remote (pilot) signal. This signal can be controlled by a collective switching timer placed in the switchgear.

You can find more thermostats designated for room regulation in the section Floor heating regulation.

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