Repairs and revisions of power transformers

Revisions, repairs and reconstructions of high-voltage and very-high-voltage transformers including the extraction of their active part

After our technicians evaluate the overall condition of the transformer, we perform the repairs and reconstructions either directly at the customer´s site or after transporting the transformer to our revision tower. A complex oil test is carried out (electrical stability, water content, acidity, interfacial tension, gas chromatography, etc.) along with an electrical measurement of the transformer (isolation state, ohmic resistors, winding looseness, transformer gears, magnetizing currents, etc.). After opening the transformer we check the winding, the condition of the upper and lower structures, the winding wedging, the tightness of screw joints, the magnetic circuit and regulation. After a possible repair of damaged components, all parts of the transformer are generally re-sealed (bushings, coolers, gas relay, conservers with oil gauge and switch). To complete the repair or revision, we carry out an external painting treatment of the transformer. 

Revisions, repairs and reconstructions of high-voltage and very-high-voltage transformers without the extraction of their active part 

In revisions without the extraction of the active part, the oil test and transformer measurements are succeeded by a general re-sealing of all the components of the transformer, to prevent an oil leak. The revision also includes cleaning the transformer and a external paint treatment.

Revisions of distribution transformers in transformer chambers

Revisions of distribution transformers in transformer chambers are performed on site, which saves the customer significant expenses linked to transportation and manipulation with the transformer. We are talking about a complex re-sealing of the dividing plane and of all the components of the transformer. We measure the insulation state of the winding and the electrical solidity of the oil. The revisions also include cleaning the transformer and an external paint treatment.  

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