Electronic laboratory services

We ensure the following services of electrician laboratories:

  • diagnostics of insulation sytems of rotary electrical machines, such as hydroalternators, turboalternators and hv motors
  • diagnostics of non-rotary electrical machines (power transformers, machine transformers, bushings aso.)
  • analysis of insulation oils (including tests of thermally-oxidating stability) 
  • analysis of machine oils
  • determination of PCB material content in oils
  • gas-chromatographic analysis of gases dissolved in the insulation oil (extraction by a Toepler exhauster and HEADSPACE method)
  • analysis of the SF6 filling (purity, humidity, gas-chromatographic analysis of the dissintegration products)
  • measurement of the insulation parametres of switches 
  • tests of work and protection instruments 
  • voltage tests of hv machine transformers
  • revisions and evaluations of hv and vhv electrical devices
  • gauge calibration
  • electrical production for electricity engineering, devices for the equipment of distribution points and power plants
  • verification and calibration of resistance thermometers, thermo-electrical cells, šestinových cells and standard rezistors
  • piece and small-series production in an affiliated mechanical workroom 

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