Regeneration of transformer oil

Oil regeneration is a complex treatment, with the objective of restoring all the qualities and parameters of the transformer oil to the level of fresh oil. It is recommended primarily when the oil can no longer be treated by a filtration mechanism. The mobile regenerator incorporates in itself the process of drying, filtration and deaeration with the regeneration process and subsequent inhibition of the operationally worn-down oil. Simultaneously, a continuous cleaning of the interior of the transformer from remainders of the aged and thermally-oxidated oil is performed, thus preventing the possible devaluation of the oil filling. The regeneration process is accompanied by low production of waste materials (which we take care of). Our technology can be considered practically waste-less and in the majority of cases, it is unnecessary to replenish the oil. 

Before the actual regeneration we take a sample from the oil for laboratory testing. During the regeneration we perform operational measurements of the regeneration process (acidity number, water content). The results of the regeneration are documented in laboratory protocols about the measurement of the transformer insulation system and oil, before performing the regeneration as well as after it. The regenerated oil has qualities of fresh oil and meets the operational requirements (including warranties) of the required thermal-oxidation stability of oil. 

Apart from that, the transformer winding is cleaned from scum and sediments by flowing hot oil, which substantially contributes to the failure-free operation of the machine. Another significant fact is, that we use a process which is considerate to the environment. Unnecessary production of dangerous waste and manipulation with it is excluded.

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