Fabrika Hotel, Humpolec - I&C, heating, cooling and air conditioning technology

Fabrika Hotel, Humpolec - I&C, heating, cooling and air conditioning technology

The congress hotel Fabrika was put into operation in 2011. It is located in the center of the town of Humpolec, in the heart of the picturesque Bohemian-Moravian Highlands.

There are nineteen intricately designed rooms awaiting the guests. The hotel also offers a variable setup of up to five congress halls with a total maximum capacity of 130 guests. The hotel restaurant focuses on quality cuisine of local provenience. The exceptional atmosphere of the restaurant invites guests to a unique gastronomical experience. The hotel facilities also include a wellness center with a special atmosphere where the guests can leave their everyday worries behind at the entrance door, close their eyes and relax in a peaceful environment.

REVOS is in charge of most of the technological equipment in this hotel. The heating system is supported by two Danfoss heat pumps, which deliver the heat from five heat wells, each 150 m deep. In the summer the same wells accumulate heat produced by the hotel interior. Many hotel rooms are air-conditioned by technology controlling not only the air temperature, but also the air quality. The temperature comfort in the hotel rooms is secured by an atypical combination of floor heating an ceiling heating without the need of disturbing fans.

A construction in the premises of the neighboring company MHA houses a gas co-generation unit TEDOM. Its primary use is to supply the hotel with electrical energy in emergency situations. The co-generation unit supplies power to the MHA building even under standard conditions. The produced heat is used to heat both MHA and the hotel. In the summer, the co-generated energy is used for the cooling of the hotel via an absorption cooling unit. For the best utilization of the surplus energy, heat from sewage water is also used for hot water heating.

A technological system of such complexity cannot operate properly without adequate regulation. Therefore a B&R control system controls the heat pumps, co-generation unit, air-conditioning units, the absorption unit, sewage water cooling as well as the air-quality in hotel rooms.

The regulation relies on two intelligent touch panels PP420 and a couple of X20 input/output module systems dispersed around the hotel and the MHA building. The Power Panels are connected as it is customary to a computer network. As a result, the system can be managed not only from the entire hotel, but via the Internet from practically any location. The regulation system is directly connected to the hotel reservation system which enables sophisticated methods of hotel room management.

Key numbers:

Heat pump output: 35 kW + 42 kW
Electrical and heat output of the co-generation unit: 30 kW a 62 kW
Number of air-conditioning units: 5
Cooling output of  the adsorption unit: 42 kW
Output of auxiliary gas units for air-conditioning: 35 kW + 42 kW
The number and depth of heat wells: 5x 150 m
Water well depth: 80 m
The number of input and output measurement and regulation points: 430

The official websites of the hotel www.fabrikahotel.cz.

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