Čapí hnízdo farm - I&C of heating and cooling source

Čapí hnízdo farm - I&C of heating and cooling source

The Čapí hnízdo (Stork's nest) farm was completed in 2010. The original farm Dvůr Semtín was used not only for agricultural production, but since 1875 also as a distillery. During the 20th century the farm began to deteriorate. At the beginning of a new millenium it was not used at all.

The Čapí hnízdo farm is a newly opened unique multifunctional area suitable for company dinners and family or individual recreation. It is located 50 km southeast of Prague, between Benešov and Olbramovice. 

The area is surrounded by nature, located within the area of the Džbány-Žebrák natural park. It provides a number of agro-activities, such as horse riding, horse-ridisng education, visits to agricultural objects with domestic animals, boating and fishing at the local pond. A wellness center with a pool, sauna, steam spa and whirlpool provide possibilities for relaxation. There are several bike trails in the vicinity and bikes can be rented at the location.

REVOS installed a system of heat source regulation and its distribution within the object in this area. The main source of heat ands cold air is provided by 6 heat pumps NIBE of the ground-water type with an output of 6 x 60 kW. The heat pumps provide heat and cold air to all objects in the area, as well as utility water and swimming pool heating. Heat is distributed by a two-pipe system. This kind sof system requires intelligent controll in individual objects. Production of heat or cold air is controlled by quantitative regulation allowing optimal energy use. Hydraulic circuits are designed to effectively use the pumping of heat-conducting medium. 

Regulation was designed to use an industrial control system Bernecker & Rainer. At the heart of the system is the Power Panel PP420 located in the engine room of all the heat pumps. Its 10.4" touch panel visualizes the entire technological process. Technology interfaces are based on the modules of an input/output modular system X20. "Islands" of these modules are placed not only into the heat pump engine rooms, but also in the individual objects within the entire area. They communicate with the panel via a CAN interface, just like the frequency changers. The PP420 panel is connected to a computer network via an Ethernet bus and the data can be visualized on any computer on the network or even a remote computer via Internet. 

This project is a special example of using a cascade of heat pumps. However, optimal operation could not be achieved without highly-sophisticated control.

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