VČE Hradec Králové - Všestary

VČE Hradec Králové - Všestary

We carried out a complete internal revision of a Radek Končar 40 MVA transformer with a voltage of 110/36/63 kV as well as the revision of a tap changer, tap selector and motor drive MR Rainhausen V III with a subsequent surface finishing by paint.

Aktivní část transformátoru s přepínačem   Revize přepínače
Transformer active part with tap changer   Tap changer revision


Přemístění na pozici po revizi   Připojování transformátoru
Transport to site after revision   Transformer connection

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New telephone numbers

In the context of innovating the ICT we made the transition to IP telephony. This is associated with the changes in our brno land lines. The main number is (+420) 537 020 911. Please refer directly to our specialists, who handle the individual sections of our activities. You may find their contacts in the Contacts section or at the individual applications on this site.